Why play Guitar?

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I've been playing the guitar for more than thirty years now. I play rock, folk and classical. I enjoy writing songs as well as performing them.The guitar is easy to take with you when you move or you want to jam at a party. It comes in handy for singalongs and is great at taking your mind off things you want to forget and making you concentrate on what you need to remember.

The guitar is one of the easier instruments to begin with. With children it may be necessary to buy a guitar of a suitable size: 1/2 or 3/4 the size of a normal guitar depending on the size of the child. It is necessary to keep the nails of the left hand short. In Classical or any fingerpicking style, the nails on the right hand can be kept longer.

Acoustic guitars have the advantages of being portable and easy to maintain. Electric guitars do need at least a small practise amp. You can get tiny little amps these days that a child could carry- which are fine for practising- I wouldn't fancy playing a pub gig with one, though. You're supposed to change your strings every three months- but that's if you use it every day. You can get special strings that last a lot longer and stay sounding bright for about £12 a set.

Electric guitars are a bit easier on the fingers, but they are generally heavier than acoustics, and you will need a proper amp. Some music shops do packages for under £200.

Semi- Acoustic Guitars are a good compromise. They tend to be a little more expensive but you can plug them in if you need to.


Guitars have the advantage of being incredibly versatile. They can be played in many different situations and in many different ways


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Mine has a little sound equaliser so you can adjust how boomy or tinny it is.







It also has a dip in the body where it joins the neck, called a cutaway so it's easier to get the high notes.